About Snake River Equine

I started Snake River Equine because as a horse owner it was hard to find reasonably affordable supplements that met my horses needs without any harmful ingredients. And if they are affordable and didn’t have any harmful ingredients do they actually work? I was always reluctant when buying supplements for my horses because of this, and I decided why not make my own with ingredients from nature that we know work? The ingredients wouldn’t have any harmful ingredients or anything unnecessary or unnatural. So that’s exactly what I did, I started doing my own research and figuring out how I could use natures medicine for my horses health.

  Once I began to feed the herbs I saw results that I had never seen in any other equine supplements, my horses were more alert and active and you could tell the felt good and looked good too! I decided I wanted others to see these results in their equine best friends too and that’s where it all started and how it’s here today. I’m striving everyday to make a difference in equine health and I hope you can see the difference too.